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Employee Benefits
& Group RetirementPlans as unique as your business.

Saving You Time & Money

At Corrigan we help guide our clients through the complexity of their benefit plans. We help in avoiding liability to those companies that don’t have the time to be a benefits expert. We become a partner who provides transparency on costs of benefits and how to control them, which include helping employers make their benefits programs the most tax efficient. We provide training and education to our clients and their staff saving you time and money.

Join the Benefits Revolution

Employee Benefits are changing rapidly, yet most brokers and consultants aren’t keeping up and are using ineffective and outdated strategies.

This leads to group benefits program that costs you more “overall” or “over the long term”. What are the things that your business and employees are missing out on? How about door to door prescription delivery? Or total compensation statements for your staff? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have one administration system, regardless of what insurance company you’re with? We’ve got it.

Time-Proven Process

If you have to change insurance carriers, wouldn’t it be nice to do it with the push of a button, rather than completing new applications and enrolment forms? We’ve got that, too. Benefits aren’t like typical insurance; they require smart and effective management to make sure the dollars you invest are used wisely and remain sustainable. Our process has proven effective for decades, and continues to be so, because as benefits and technology evolves, so do we.

Plan Success FrameworkBenefits Synthesis Program


Understanding the objectives and purpose of your benefits offering is important in making sure it meets the needs of your organization and your people. As your culture and needs evolve, so does your benefit plan.


Once we’ve discovered the dangers, opportunities, and strengths of your current benefits strategy, we develop a plan to address each of those areas and build a plan that provides unique benefit enhancements while reducing your overall costs.


Implementation, monitoring and managing your plan all add to the cost of your benefits. Our management strategy focuses on the total cost of your benefits, not just the sticker price. We can reduce your long-term costs by managing the price you pay for your plan, and the administration costs associated with running it.

Educate & Engage

Knowledge is power, and that couldn’t be truer for benefits. Having employees that are educated and engaged with their benefits will help control claim costs, while improving employee satisfaction and wellbeing.

Use the Technology Available

We are a unique firm that is able to leverage today’s technology to create superior benefits plans. Through decades of benefits experience we have developed exclusive insurer relationships and tech that saves money and futureproofs your benefit plan.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Thank you very much Ashley. We both very much appreciate the" hands on" approach that all of you at Corrigan Financial take toward investment management and excellent customer service and interaction, whether your clients are "large" or "small". Keep up the excellent work, and thanks again!

- Lawrence and Jeannette Ellery